The Lotter Group offers a myriad of services to address the concerns and issues facing the affluent community. We can integrate a client’s tax, estate, and investment affairs and help individuals gain access to a wide range of investment options through tax strategies, estate planning, risk management services, and charitable giving approaches.

Tax Strategy

As an individual’s team of financial advisors expands, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage a comprehensive financial plan. The Lotter Group works to combine a professional tax planning strategy with all of our client’s financial decision-making. We can develop strategies to help reduce a client’s total tax burden, help with tax-intensive investments, and provide alternative structures to facilitate tax advantages.

Estate Planning

One of the more complicated areas of financial planning comes towards the end of one’s life. The lack of complete, thorough estate planning can have a serious impact on a client’s heirs. It's crucial that affluent individuals have access to the best advice available. The Lotter Group advises clients on all of the many facets of estate planning, including how they can combine their estate plans with tax, investment, business, and insurance planning. We can also manage the problems which stem from having a large inheritance, help a client determine a financial plan, and utilize strategies to allocate assets. With The Lotter Group on their side, our clients can remain confident that future generations will be cared for and that their legacy will endure.

Risk Management

Being affluent brings about a host of financial concerns, from the potential liabilities associated with wealth to the possible predicaments affluence can generate. Our clients require expert planning to minimize their susceptibility and help protect them from the unexpected. This includes services to analyze insurance coverage, offer solutions that meet a client’s goals, manage risk relating to a client’s assets, and assemble any outside resources to present only the best, most applicable, products.

Charitable Giving Approaches

Another service we offer relates to the charitable giving opportunities available to the affluent community. We can identify and research those organizations that best fit a client’s interests, then design a strategy to fit a client’s individual needs. Our team can assist you in the establishment and administration of family foundations, charitable trusts, and grant-making opportunities. The Lotter Group’s charitable giving approaches help clients concentrate on the subjects they are most interested in without getting bogged down by the managerial aspects of complex financial planning.

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