Financial success yields increased responsibilities. Once individuals have attained a certain affluence, it is necessary for them to start the process of managing their assets--not always an easy endeavor.

Make no mistake, being affluent brings about a myriad of financial-related concerns. Wealthy individuals must not only trust others with access to their finances, but also pull together the numerous resources required to manage those assets. The Lotter Group was established with the intention of solving the financial concerns and problems which face the affluent community.

We have assembled an expert team of Affluence Managers who deliver services to fulfill all of our clients' financial objectives. By pooling the resources of experts in every financial area, we can offer clients a complete financial package. This is done through a personal planning approach that educates clients and empowers them to make sound financial decisions.

Through our efforts and experience, we recognize that the affluent community is constantly changing. The individual you are today and the manner in which you manage your assets will no doubt change in time. Our affluence managers will continue to oversee your financial plan and allow your planning package to grow and evolve as you do.

If you are seeking a firm to manage your assets, one that is sensitive to your individual needs, devoted to maintaining your privacy, and understands the concerns of the affluent community, we invite you to contact us for further information.

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